The network was established in 2013 to support foundations and other charities with investments to further their mission through responsible investment. In the last few years, network members have engaged with their investee companies, investment managers and policy makers on a broad range of environmental, social and governance issues, including the Living Wage, workers’ rights in supply chains, executive pay, corporate lobbying and investment managers’ voting records.

We’re working towards a system in which long-term thinking is recognised as the best way to guarantee healthy returns. We believe that anyone can play a part in changing the investment system for good.


Investing in our Future: how charities can lead the way in responsible investment

This paper guides charity investors through the responsible investment landscape and provides tools to develop a policy to ensure their money is working for the world they want to see.


UK Guide to Shareholder Resolutions (CRIN)

This resource provides guidance on the legal and technical requirements of filing a shareholder resolution in the UK, and on overcoming the associated challenges, and includes a summary of how CRIN can support charitable investors in doing so.


Improving the Conversation: What Charity Investors Expect from their Asset Managers

This is a guide on how to improve the outcomes of conversations between charity investors and asset managers with regards to the process of responsible investment, including advice on disclosure and practice expectations, and leading practice examples.


“Paul Hamlyn Foundation values the insight of the Charities Responsible Investment Network and ShareAction’s work to promote responsible investment. ShareAction is an effective change agent, helping to raise standards and behaviours.”


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Lily Tomson

Lily Tomson

Movement Programme Lead